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All in all, my greatest, most proud deviation is my profile page.
To be short and to-the-point, what have you done on here that has either made a difference to you or someone else? 

Was there, perhaps, a poll that you submitted that received thousands of votes upon short notice?

Did one of your deviations suddenly make its way to the "Today" page?

Has one of your forums ever been on the top-10 list?

Or maybe your greatest achievement has nothing to do with stats. Maybe, a comment or even a journal, has somehow impacted another deviant's life or perception of this site?

What's your biggest achievement?
A small blush forms on Mein's cheeks as she takes yet another glance to her left, hoping that, for some reason, the boy sitting there beside her would acknowledge her in any sort of way. Just the fact that she was sitting next to him for once was already sort of nerve-racking for the pink beauty.

A small flare of disappointment goes off in her head as she realizes that he wasn't paying much attention to her at all, much less anyone else. In fact, Tatsumi was really only looking at his poor excuse for a meal that Susanoo had prepared for him. His face had "really?" written all over it.

That's right; Tatsumi, the boy that Mein had always made fun of ever since he had joined Night Raid, was now Mein's main interest. What amused her even more was how simple it was for her to start harboring feelings for him. It was your typical damsel-in-distress situation, but with the distress part being only partial. About a month ago, Mein underwent a battle with one of her most anticipated rivals, Seryuu, a girl who took the life of one of Mein's closest friends, and a former member of the team; Sheele. Although Mein came out victorious in the battle, Seryuu nearly took her out as well by activating a bomb that was implanted in her head as a last resort. Mein, still too injured from the battle, wasn't able to fully escape on her own. It was after she woke up from blacking out that she realized that Tatsumi had made it just in time to save her from the blast radius, and take her to a remote location to respite. It was from that moment on that Mein realized she had feelings for Tatsumi, and ever since, she's been trying to find the perfect opportunity to tell him.

She looks down at her spoon, and a little idea crosses her mind. Taking a scoop from her parfait, she takes a bite.

"Mmmm," she says, smiling and taking in the flavor, "it's so sweet. It's so good!"

Turning to her left, she puts her little plan into action.

"Hey, Tatsumi, would you like to try some of-?"


Another female's voice interrupts hers. It came from the other side of Tatsumi.

"Tatsumi, what do you do when your sis' cup is empty?" said Leone as she practically leaned on Tatsumi and put her arm around him, pulling him close and motioning her empty cup in front of him.

"U-ugh, fine, fine. I'll fill it up for you." Tatsumi said as he grabbed the bottle of saki next to Leone, and refilled her glass full of the alcoholic beverage. Seeing that Tatsumi only acknowledged Leone instead of her, even though she called upon him first, Mein darted her head around to face the other way, letting out an audible "hmph!" as she did so.

Najenda, about to continue on with her explanation of the mission, happened to notice this, and a smile crossed her face.
Mein lets out a long, relaxed sigh as she lets herself soak in the hot bath of their tower. She and Najenda were the only ones currently occupied, as everyone else was either waiting for their turn to bathe themselves, or were simply just relaxing elsewhere.

Mein looks up at the ceiling, and a small frown was formed as she thought back to the small events that took place during the explanation of their mission, and while they all ate.

Unbelievable, she thought. How could he be so careless? How could he not notice her for even just a moment? Was this going to be a lot harder than she thought?

Najenda clears her throat, almost as if she knew that Mein was lost in thought, and was trying to snap her out of it. Mein doesn't hesitate to make this an opportunity to change her train of thought.

"Aaaaahh, it sure feels nice to come in here and relax. I feel like I'm rejuvenating my skin!" says Mein as she closes her eyes, her face falling into a completely blissful state.

Najenda nods. She, too, then smiles, and then proceeds to speak.


Mein opens her eyes, and looks to her boss.

"Before we go out on this mission, don't you want to be sure you don't have any regrets in your heart?"

Mein continues to stare at her boss in confusion. It took a few moments for the words to process in her mind before she felt her face heat up.

Impossible. How did she know? Was it that obvious?

"Wh-wh-wh-wh-wh-what are you talking about?!" Mein asked frantically as she shot up onto her feet in the bath, splashing the hot water about.

"As the leader of a faction, it's easy to tell what's in the hearts of my subordinates." Najenda says. "You even sat next to Tatsumi today, too."

Mein continues to half-glare at her leader, but her face was only making her look more and more embarrassed.

"Well, in the end, it's all up to you."

Mein felt herself calm down a little. She was still shocked that Najenda seemed to know about these new feelings of hers, but even so, she could feel her tenseness begin to fade. Even her heated cheeks began to cool off.

"However, if you keep dragging your feet, Leone will-"

"Gaaaaauuugh!" Mein screamed as she interrupted her boss, storming out of the bathing area. "I'm leaving now!"

Just as fast at it had come, Mein's cheeks, and perhaps even her whole body this time, tinted to a warming red once again.

Najenda, now the only one currently in the bath, let out a chuckle as Mein vanished from her sights. Constant huffs and growls could be heard as she heard Mein getting dressed in the other room just beside the bathroom.

Well, she thought, hopefully she can find the right time to tell him.

And I especially hope that she won't be too late..

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He rolls to his right.

He rolls to his left.

A second time, he rolls to his right.

A contentless sigh escapes his mouth.

Tatsumi, a member of the Night Raid squad, was tossing and turning in his bed, unable to shake the thoughts of memories that he did not want to reminisce over. Every few nights or so, it was always the same routine; he'd dream about the deaths of his fellow friends and comrades, wake up in a sweaty panic, breathe heavily, and then dwell on his dream, feeling fully responsible for any of his friends' deaths.

However, no matter how many times this happened, he'd always feel just as bad and guilty as the last. There was no ever getting used to such despair.

He sits up from his bed, immediately bringing his right hand to his head, as if suffering from a headache. He lets out another sigh, and finally decides to get out of bed completely, not wanting to get lost in thought of nothing but false hope once again.

As he gets dressed, he looks over to one corner of his room to see his Teigu, Incursio, resting peacefully against a dresser that was on the wall. A smile crosses his face, a first for this particular day. Throughout the few weeks that he has been a member of Night Raid, he has faced several challenges that has made him stronger, both as a person and as a fighter, and most of it would not have been possible if it wasn't for the man that gave him that Teigu in the first place; Bulat.

Bulat was probably Tatsumi's closest friend in Night Raid, and his death wasn't exactly easy for him to cope with, but regaining his Teigu made him feel as if he had some sort of newfound responsibility that he had to fulfill. It was a responsibility that he found rather enjoyable, and was happy to realize that using Incursio was like finishing the job that Bulat wanted done in the first place, and for many missions. He was, in a sense, carrying out the legacy that he believed would have made Bulat proud if he had been alive.

Joining Night Raid was definitely a big turning point in Tatsumi's life, and despite the deaths that he had to encounter already with a few, he was happy with the decision to be one of them. Sure, he wasn't exactly the strongest on the team, but his being there was definitely a good help overall, and his skills with Incursio were growing by the day.

However, no matter how many enemies he slayed, drew blood from, and defeated, he still couldn't get rid of the burden of constantly mourning over the losses of his closest friends. It wasn't necessarily a bad thing, but he just wanted to be stronger, and to be able to accept their deaths as nothing more than motivation to continue fighting day by day.


A voice interrupts his thoughts. He recognized it as Najenda's, Night Raid's leader.

"We will be having a meeting about a new mission in ten minutes. Please meet with all of us by then."

"Yes ma'am." he replied, his voice almost monotone-like. Another mission, huh? Hearing this wasn't exactly anything new. In fact, this was just about half of his wake-up calls anyway, but even so, he was always a little excited and scared to be called about a mission.

Fully clothed and ready to go, Tatsumi proceeded to walk out of his room, only to immediately bump into a familiar pink mass that fell to the floor fast upon contact. A loud "umph!" was heard as it hit the floor.

Tatsumi rubbed his head in small pain, and then looked down to see the source of stopping power. He grunts in slight annoyance as he realizes that the "pink mass" was really just one of his team members, and a particularly pesky one at that.


"Hey," she begins "watch where you're going, moron!"

Tatsumi just rolls his eyes. Today was going to be a beautiful day already, he thought. Between the two of them, this was, unfortunately, very normal. Ever since he became a part of the team, Mein has made fun of Tatsumi on several occasions, often calling him a beginner or a newbie, much to Tatsumi's annoyance. No matter how many times Tatsumi seemed to prove himself worthy in battle, he could just never win Mein's acceptance.

Not that he cared, anyway.

"Sorry, Mein, I didn't know you were right outside my door just now."

As Mein gets up, she looks Tatsumi in the eyes, and puts on an annoyed face.

"That doesn't mean you can't be more careful, newbie!"

Oh, what a surprise. The same old name again.

Completely ignoring her name-calling response and watching her storm off down the hall by herself, Tatsumi decided not to show up until he knew that everyone else was there. The last thing he wanted right now was to show up to the meeting early with only Mein. Just the thought of that brought an odd chill to his body.

Truthfully, he should be used to this kind of treatment from her, but her voice and bickering always had a newfound irritation to it, as if each time was still the first.

After waiting for about five minutes after she had vanished from the hall and assumed everyone else was there, Tatsumi began to make his way to the main room where they discussed their missions. As he neared, he could already make out a few of the other members' voices, and let out a faint sigh of relief.

Sure enough, everyone else was in the room as well; the entire Night Raid team.

There was Akame, the raven-haired girl with red eyes and skills with a sword that were better than any other top-notch assassin Tatsumi ever knew. Her Teigu is the Murasame, a blade that ensures death even from the slightest cut.

There was Leone, a woman of blonde hair that always seemed to tease Tatsumi almost every day, though he didn't exactly mind it all too much. It was sometimes embarrassing, but it wasn't something that bothered him either. Her Teigu is the Lionelle, a belt that practically increases all of her senses, while also offering incredible regenerative powers.

There was Lubbock, the green-haired guy that was just an all-around pervert, though his skills in battle were quite impressive. His main reason to join Night Raid was to get closer to Najenda, whom he has been in love with for quite some time, though he has yet to confess. His Teigu is the Cross Tail, an ability that uses his gloves to produce string and lines to attack and deceive his enemies.

There was Najenda, of course, as she needed to tell everyone about their upcoming mission. Although the leader of Night Raid, Najenda used to actually fight alongside the great General Esdeath, whom was their biggest and most powerful enemy. Upon realizing that the empire and Esdeath's ways were corrupt, Najenda left to form her own rebellious group, and thus, Night Raid was born.

There was Mein, the pink-haired girl with a fiery attitude. Although she is easily tempered, Mein still cares deeply for all of her teammates. Her Teigu is Pumpkin, a large blade-shaped sniper gun that fires beam-like shots. The power of her shots is based on her emotions and situations in battle.

"Are you ready, all of you?" said a voice belonging to another member who was just walking into the room, arms and hands full of different foods and assortments.

This member walking in was Susanoo, one of the team's newest members. He is a special organism-based Teigu belonging to the leader, Najenda, and he happens to possess a gifted ability to cook and clean thoroughly and quickly.

These were the people that Night Raid consisted of, and to Tatsumi, these people were his family.

Susanoo begins to hand out his assortment of food to each individual, as each of them requested their own special meal for him to make. Tatsumi, saying that he didn't care what he had earlier, simply received a plain meal that was quite the opposite of special.

"Our target for this next mission is Borick." Najenda said, her gaze focusing on no one in particular but the now-covered desk of food and drinks.

Mein, eating a strawberry parfait that she received from Susanoo, couldn't help but keep her focus on a particular member as the leader prepared to further explain their objective.
Sora no Shin'nen - The Ever for Beginning
A romantic tragedy focusing on the characters Tatsumi and Mein from the Akame ga Kill! manga/anime. One must be caught up with the manga in order to better understand this story.

Originally posted on Wattpad
Image by Ellyntaal
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